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What is the Holy Spirit?

We need another Pentecost. Instead of being afraid of the Holy Spirit, this third person of the Trinity, we need to give ourselves over to him and allow ourselves to be used. The early church saw the outpouring of the Spirit as they were gathered in unity and prayer. Until we leave our differences at the door and focus on the main things, we will be powerless.

Is there someone in this church, or anyone anywhere that you cannot pray for?

Is there someone you will not speak to?

As Christians we have the Holy Spirit. But when we have not confessed the sin in our life then we shackle the Holy Spirit and render ourselves impotent.

Click on the link to read Martin Ambler's fascinating sermon on the transformational power of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

Why did they kill Christ?

Cross & sky

Around Easter time we are always reminded of  the death of our Lord Jesus Christ at the hands of the government of the day.

But why did they kill him?

As far as the authorities were concerned, Jesus had for a long time been a trouble maker and a thorn in their side. He upset protocol, unsettled the status quo and contradicted accepted wisdom.

But what really made them hate him was when he performed a miracle that brought a dead man back to life ....

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Why we love our church

 “The church to me is like a sanctuary, I feel the spirit of past prayers very much present.”

“There is an atmosphere of peace and serenity much needed in our troubled world.”



Sunday service in church at 1030am

It is a privilege to worship in such a beautiful church in such a beautiful town such as Bournemouth; some say Richmond Hill St Andrew's URC is the most beautiful non-conformist church in the country.

But having a beautiful building does not make a church.  The church is the people who worship and witness to their faith within and outside of these walls.

So all we do here is to encourage one another in our belief of sharing the Gospel of Jesus with each other and with the world.

On visiting, people comment on the warmth and friendliness of our welcome.  We recognise that being made welcome and feeling comfortable is all part of belonging to the family of God in the church.



Rev Wilbert Sayimani BA

3 Lonsdale Road, Winton, Bournemouth, BH3 7LX


Young and old play a part in the life of our church

Younger or older, everyone has a place and a part to play in the life of our fellowship and we encourage all ages to participate. We give an especially warm welcome to tourists and conference visitors staying in Bournemouth and wanting to find a friendly church service to attend whilst away from home.

We usually end our services at about 11.30am and most weeks there is tea or coffee afterwards so please stay for a chat, so we can get to know you better if you wish.

Life's Ups and DownsRichmond Hill URC

We recognise that life is made up of events, which bring laughter or tears and we face them in the knowledge that we have a God who understands our life completely. 

So, we are also here to support your family at your time of celebration such as  Weddings, Baptisms and various anniversaries. And naturally this support also extends to those challenging times for you when death occurs and we need to say farewell to family members.

The church is an expression of God's love

God not only understands us, God loves us unconditionally.  God’s love for us all has been shown to us in Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection.  It is Jesus that gives our life meaning and purpose now and he assures us of eternal life with him as we remain faithful.

If you haven’t met us already why not come along?  A warm welcome awaits you. Please click here to see details of our main services

P.S. If you would like to learn more about the Christian faith before coming just click on the link to read some sermons or read some of the downloads we have placed on the various pages - Main services, Bible study, Communion, Pause for prayer.

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