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The next 'Early Birds' is on 11th June

As usual we will be having fun telling Bible stories, singing songs, playing games and doing some creative activity.

All little ones with their Mums and Dads are always welcome to join in the fun.

The story and activities will be followed by refreshments and  delicious home made cakes.

Early Birds Fun

One month we told the little ones the fascinating story of Daniel who was thrown to the lions because he would not stop praying to God and how God sent an angel to save him.  Our home made puppets helped tell the story.

Children's service Bournemouth
The lead actors in our story about King Darius who had Daniel thrown into the Lions' den

Along with the story we had songs, prayers and laughter and the children made lion masks to frighten their parents with.

Bible activities
The children learn how to make lion masks with the help of our Early Bird's team of volunteers
Lion mask 1
A ferocious lion mask made by one of the children

As usual the activities were followed by refreshments and Susan's delicious home made cakes and cup cakes.

Early Birds Fun

One month we had the story of Jesus and Zacharius. When Jesus was visiting Zacharius's home town, Zacharius who was only a small man hid in a tree so that he could get a better view of Jesus.

Although Zacharius was a greedy tax collector, when Jesus spots him he calls out to him by name and invites himself over for tea. Jesus loves everybody - even tax collectors!

Children's bible story
Sue shows the picture of Zacharius climbing his tree to glimpse Jesus over the heads of the crowd
Children's hymns Bournemouth
Sue and Anne get the children to sing along with them

As usual accompanying the story we had prayers, a song or two from Anne and Sue on the guitar and creative activities which this time involved making clay models!

Afterwards we all had a cup of coffee, tea or juices for the children and some of Sue's delicious home made cakes.  On this special Jubilee celebration the teas were served by visiting royalty.

Visiting royalty serve the teas for us
Fedeline UJ
Fedeline shows off her Union Jack suit
Easter birthday cake
Birthday celebration at Early Birds

Click here to see pictures of our Christmas party

Art factory
Creative art work or handicrafts are all part of the fun and help the learning experience


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early birds10

Sam telling the story of Christmas using the tree decorations

christingle 2

The Christingle Service. When
adults and children helped tell
of the birth of Jesus.


Busy making the Christingles

christingle6 christingle7


A closer look at the finished products


Mary and Joseph

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