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We can even give you a lift

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If you need a lift to church on Sunday mornings, depending on where you live, our team of volunteers may be able to drive you door to door. Just email us for more details


Why do we go to church?

Why do we need to go to church every week?

Basically there are four good reasons:

1. In the ten commandments God has told us to keep the 7th day Holy. Why? Even modern psychology now understands a lot better than before that there is a natural rhythm to nature. In fact, the physiology functions in seven day cycles. Our Creator obviously knows this and knows that we need this time of rest to recuperate and to think of more important things than just day to day existence. Hence the commandment.

2. Jesus, himself sets the example. Divine though he was, he still took the trouble to visit the Temple every Saturday, as was the custom then in Israel. He even tells us that we should go and listen to the Word of God, even if the people telling it aren't of great quality and don't practise what they preach. He simply says listen to what the hypocrites say but do not do what they do.

3. A weekly visit to church gives us a systematic and regular reminder of the word of God. It is like the nourishment we get from eating food. Having a huge meal say every now and again and otherwise going without, is not nearly so beneficial as a regular diet.

4. By going to church every week we become part of God's own people. We can share the good news, the prayers and the worship with the friends we meet there. This is uplifting to the spirit and good for the heart. 

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Why we love our church

“The preaching and prayers of our minister are helpful in times of need, and bring us closer to the love of God.”

“I need spiritual uplift and guidance for the week ahead, enabling me to communicate with people, who may never go to church but still appreciate kindness of any description.”

 Sunday services at 10.30am every week. We regret most other activities are cancelled, owing to the Corona virus Worship Bournemouth

A warm welcome to all those who come to worship here at our church in Bournemouth!
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Here right at the very heart of Bournemouth you will find in our church services a blend of traditional Christian worship and less formal moments. We find that this mix helps us all to worship meaningfully.

Our worship helps us purposefully to support each other in the Christian life. 

Our church services are in the Reformed Tradition. This means they are Bible based. The music is carefully chosen to enable us to seek God’s help and guidance.

We want our services to make Christianity relevant for today’s living.

We have worship opportunities for all ages and visitors to Bournemouth are especially welcome as we are in the Town Centre in the midst of the tourist community.
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Richmond Hill URCSunday Sevices:

10.30 a.m. Morning Service.  The main church service is aimed at an adult congregation, but facilities are available for our younger friends.

6.30 p.m.  Evening Service.  This is now once a month, on the third Sunday of the month, when we hold Holy Communion. We mostly hold evening services in our St Andrew's Chapel, although on special occasions (for example, Easter) we may hold the evening service in the main church.

Special Children's service

10.00 a.m.    Early Birds Family Service  is held on the second Sunday of each month. This lively and interactive informal service is held in the Church Lounge. There are also family services including Mothering Sunday, a family Christingle service mid December and a nativity service after close of shopping on Christmas Eve.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is an important part of our church worship and is included in the main services on the first Sunday morning of the month and on the third Sunday evening of the month and also at Festival times. We are now holding Holy Communion once a month during our 'Thursday at Ten' prayer meetings. See the 'What's On' page for further details.

Details of church music

This information will be available again when services resume their normal pattern.

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